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Frequently Asked Questions



  • Who will operate your flight?


All flights are public charters operated by Direct2's wholly-owned subsidiary MAA Inc. (FAA Air Carrier Certificate MQAA151B), as a direct air carrier. Direct2 acts solely as charter operator and indirect air carrier under U.S. D.O.T. Regulation Part 380.  All guests are required to accept Direct2’s Operator Participant Agreement. In rare cases, Direct2 flights may be operated by fully licensed, third-party air carriers. 

  • Do you allow unaccompanied minors?


Yes! Check out our policy, here.


  • What COVID-19 measures are in place to help me travel safely?


      See our COVID-19 Policy, here.




  • How much baggage can I bring?


Your standard allocation is as follows.

  • One (1) piece of checked luggage, weighing up to 50lb / 23kg 

  • One small personal item that must fit under the seat in front of you, weigh no more than 20lb / 9kg, and measure no more than13x13x10in (33x33x25cm). 


Need to bring more? We will do our best to accommodate you at no extra cost, just ask us about it when you book or contact our guest experience team,


  • What items are prohibited on board?


Guests may not travel with any items that might endanger the aircraft, people or property on board. Find additional information about what can and cannot bring with you here: 

If you have any questions, please reach out at


  • What if my bags are larger, or heavier, than the requirements listed in your policy?


We always want to try to accommodate you as best we can, but we cannot guarantee you'll be able to bring your baggage on board if your baggage exceeds the restrictions. If something cannot be carried on board the jet, we are happy to work with you to arrange alternative options.


Your flight


  • What time do I have to arrive at the airport or private terminal?


For domestic flights, all guests must arrive for check-in at least 20 minutes prior to departure so we have enough time to safely get all guests and baggage aboard the aircraft. Should you require additional assistance or would like extra time boarding the aircraft you are invited to arrive earlier to ensure a smooth experience. For international flights, we require guests to arrive 60 minutes prior to departure. 


  • What if I am running late?


Please contact our guest experience team at (541) 569-4647 if you know you will not arrive on time. Our guest experience team will communicate your ETA to our crews. 

Learn more about our late policy, here.


  • What if I need to change or cancel my flight?


Check out our change and cancellation policy here.



  • Can I fly with my pet?


Check out our pet policy, here.


  • Can I bring aboard a service or support animal?


Learn about your options, here.

Health & Safety

  • What COVID-19 measures are in place to help me travel safely?

See our COVID-19 Policy, here.

  • Are you able to accommodate food allergies?


Please make our guest experience team aware of any allergies at least 48 hours ahead of your flight. While we take every precaution to remove allergens, we cannot guarantee the removal of all traces of specific allergens in snacks or beverages.


  • Can I fly if I'm pregnant?


Please consult with your physician prior to flying. For the safety of our guests, we are unable to fly expectant mothers after 36 weeks of pregnancy. In addition, expectant mothers in the last eight weeks (after week 32) of pregnancy must provide a letter at check-in from their doctor verifying that they are physically fit for air travel at this time.


  • Can I bring an infant on board?


Direct2 encourages adults traveling with children under the age of two (2) to secure the child in an approved car seat or child restraint system in the child's own seat. This child restraint system must be FAA-approved (you'll find an FAA-approved sticker on most car seats). Children under the age of two (2) may also be carried on an adult's lap. The child must stay in your lap throughout the duration of the flight. If your child is older than two, they will require their own seat.

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