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Health and safety

An unwavering commitment

to the next flight.

We work to ensure the safety of every, next flight. If it isn't safe to fly, we won't. In those instances, we will work diligently to help you make alternative travel arrangements, but we will never apologize for keeping you safe.

DA62 cockpit.jpeg

Direct2 operates under Federal Aviation Regulations certificate #MQAA151B. The certificate provides us the authority to provide charter services throughout the United States and Canada. We do so under the leadership of our management team of aviation professionals who are honored to provide you safe a reliable service and take pride in adhering to the high expectations placed upon them by the Federal Aviation Administration. 

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We work with the world's most respected independent aviation auditor and safety consultant, WYVERN, to drive the highest level of safety for our guests and employees. Our work with WYVERN includes implementing a comprehensive safety management system that allows us to identify hazards and notice trends, preempting their consequences. WYVERN also provides us with ongoing coaching as a means of providing perspective and insight to our safety efforts.

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