This is uncompromising regional air travel.
Where the journey adds to the destination and you write your story, in-person.


Our flights are inspiring in their versatility and beautiful in their simplicity. Your lifestyle calls for ready-when-you-are regional air travel. Functional flying that allows you to shrink the map. The ultimate goal? A better allocation of your time that facilitates better work and play. 

What makes the magic?
4 reasons to travel with us



1.  Our promise

We believe in an air travel experience that is all about our guests. Our promise to you is to be diligent in creating an experience that is precisely suited to your needs. Premium in its feel, functional in its use, simple and transparent in its structure. No add-ons or hidden anything. When you book with Direct2 you'll get ready-when-you-are regional air travel that's easy to use and lets your journey shine. 

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3. Thoughtfully curated

Who says the golden age of air travel is long lost? We add concierge touches like booking transportation, accommodating food and beverage preferences, and facilitating if-you-can-dream-it type experiences. All tailored to how you work and play today.

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2. Better choices

In our devotion to regional air travel, we've chosen the types of aircraft and developed operations that allow you to unlock the 1000's of small airports that should be in your repertoire. This is precise flying that vastly shortens door-to-door times and opens up more possibilities for work and play.


4. Air travel that cares

You want to interact with companies that care. At Direct2 we strive for responsibility in all facets of our business, from our focus on health and safety in the WYVERN Flight Leader program and ongoing COVID 19 protocols to our Beyond Neutral commitment with 4Air which reduces the emissions impact of our flights.      

About us
Runways are our means to your ends
By pilots, For you

Based in Bend, Oregon, Direct2 provides precise, regional air travel solutions. We know that it can feel like there is never enough time and each day is awash in compromise. It's a false choice, you shouldn't have to choose between professional ambition and valuing family and friendships. You might have always thought of private air travel as out of reach for you or your business. The domain of big private jets and coast-to-coast trips to the next board meeting. Not exactly something that makes sense in your world. I used to think that as well, but it is time to change that notion. At Direct2 Air we are a team of aviation professionals with a focus on regional travel and a passion for bringing the power of flying private to more people. We're bent on creating an approachable version of private aviation, no less premium in its feel or function, but focused on connecting Central Oregon to the rest of the Northwest in the type of precision aircraft that fit the mission and solve your travel challenges. It's the type of regional travel that we wished for but didn't see. On the back end, Direct2 Air is guided by an experienced aviation management team who oversees our Federal Aviation Administration part 135 air carrier certificate, and industry-leading WYVERN safety management system. Upfront, our ethos centers on developing meaningful relationships so that we can create personalized solutions for our guests and clients, and do right by our community and the planet.