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An all-value, no-hassle management solution with the option to charter your aircraft and create revenue.


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Turn key acquisition can be a meaningless, catch-all term. What do we actually do? We find the right airplane for you, coordinate due diligence and the pre-purchase details, then we ensure regulatory compliance and pilot proficiency in your aircraft. 

Reduce annual fixed costs by over 50% with Unlimited Ownership. Direct2's professional pilots, the same ones you're on a first name basis with, fly the airplane when you aren't using it.

Avoid fractional ownership. It either makes for odd bedfellows with a friend of a friend or it ruins valued relationships. You don't want to own a slice of an airplane, you want to pay less to own the whole airplane. 

Someone has to ensure your airplane is kept in tip-top shape and it shouldn't be you. Purchasing a set of wings is a means of living a life of choice not a life of scheduling oil changes. Don't worry, we have you covered.

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