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The DA62 moves more guests and gear farther and faster than anything else in its class, with jet fuel powered luxury and twin-engine security. This aircraft draws its roots from legendary Mercedes engineering but plants itself squarely in the 21st century with its blend of modern styling and undeniable status as the most fuel efficient aircraft with commercial applicability in the world today. We can't wait to welcome you aboard.

da black leather.jpg


USB outlets ensure that you stay charged on your way to work or play. 

Sip & Nibble

A selection of Nomadica wine and locally sourced snacks goodies from our friends at  Seahorse Chocolate and Nomad Mix. 


On-board sattelite based internet allows for  functions like talk, text, email, and social surfing. 


Bluetooth, noise cancelling headsets allow you to comfortably and easily communicate with your group or listen to your music and podcasts.

We fly fast
While you slow down



Hang tight
More to come

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